Nail Enhancements Atlanta GA

Gel Nails

A lighter, stronger, & more natural look than Acrylic using Gel Powder & Liquid. Requires polish.

Solar Nails

A permanent French/American look created by pink and white sculpting powders that is very durable, strong, and doesn’t chip. It doesn’t turn yellow nor fade and requires no polishing!

Solar Colored Powder

A strong acrylic that comes in many colors that can be used to apply over the whole nail or as a tip. This powder is very versatile and popular and can be used to do a variety of nail art. There is no polishing or chipping. It dries instantly.

Gel Polish

Designed for natural nails and is an alternative to nail lacquer that adheres for about 2 weeks without damaging like artificial because of no drilling. It dries instantly. With our careful removal technique, your nails will still be in great shape!